You want to play in the water without sacrificing your Islamic principles. 

You want modest/Muslim swimwear without coming out of the water embarrassed.

How do you maintain your religious values and dive into fun? Easy! 

Splashgear has been outfitting women just like you for the past fifteen years with simple, stylish, safe, and functional full-body swimsuits that really are modest and Islamically-compliant. No more running out of the water and trying to hide from the clinginess of those other suits. Splashgear’s design keeps you covered in the water, while it unsticks easily and dries super fast as soon as you get out of the water. Our designs are also chlorine-proof and endorsed by the Melanoma International Foundation for UV protection. Don’t compromise. Get the swimsuit designed for Muslim women that maintains your modesty when you’re dry as well as when you’re wet. 

Your Values – Your Swimsuit – Watersports Your Way 


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