9 Complete Modest Outfits Under $200

Did you ever go shopping only to realize that the dress you really liked has too low of a neckline? The 'maxi skirt' that you got excited about was see-through halfway from your thigh down? Hopping from store to store, in-person or online, to find things that you love but still meet your modesty standards...wishing you could just find all things modest in one place? 

Benaan Khorchid, the founder of RIISH.com, was frustrated with all the store-hopping and longed to find a marketplace that sold everything a modesty-concerned woman needs. So she came up with RIISH.

At RIISH, we take care of curating high-quality brands and putting them together on our carefully designed modest fashion marketplace so that you don't have to spend hours shopping on different sites to put together the perfect outfit! Whether you need workout gear, the perfect shirt that gives you coverage on the right spots, a dress for your cousin's wedding, a cute cardigan, handmade shoes, statement purses, unique jewelry, or cruelty-free makeup that is perfect for your skin tone, we got you covered!

Check out these 9 complete outfit ideas under $200 that you can grab now on RIISH:

Bella - $129.04

Bella Dress:  Brushed floral print maxi dress with a round neck and hidden zipper. It's soft to the touch and perfect for any outing! Get the dress while it's on sale!

$63.75 (on sale)

White Silk Chiffon Hijab: An absolute essential hijab for formal occasions. This stunning silk scarf marvels with its crisp white base and silver metallic threads running horizontally throughout. This scarf adds an extraordinary finish, prefect for any special event! Shop now


Liat Belt: How many times have you bought a dress that needed the waist cinched or an added accessory, but couldn't find that perfect item? The LIAT belt is a rope belt that can be tied so many different ways. You can tie a bow, a knot, wrap it a few times, wear it as a necklace, or even braid it into a hairpiece! Check out the belt


Full Blossom Lip Gloss: Delivering deep shine, this creamy Halal certified and cruelty-free lip gloss is fun and provides intense luster with hydrating benefits. Give your lips some love


Featured Brands: Covered Bliss, Kinza, Project 6, Masarrat Makeup

Active - $133

Meshed Up Sports Hijab: The hijab is made of an airy no see-through mesh fabric. An attached headband ensures a secure fit. You can do any movement without even having to correct it. No need to wear an under cap for this. Shop the sports hijab


Meshed Up Sports Tops: The sports tees are made of CoolFit™ temperature-regulating fabric that cools you down when your body is heating up and thanks to the antibacterial coating, your activewear won’t smell bad. These tops come in various colours and styles. Check out the collection


Meshed Up Joggers, Leggings, or Modest Bottoms: Pick what fits your workout style. Check out the collection


Featured Brand: Mumine Activewear

The Damson Set - $136.98

Damson Set: The stunning 2-piece can be worn together or separately, giving you the option of making several outfits. It features an ultra-soft mid-thigh length top with an adjustable and detachable tie waist belt with hidden buttons and a comfortable pencil skirt. Grabs your here  

$59.99 ($20 off)

Champagne Hijab: This silk, sheer crinkle scarf is simply beautiful! It offers a feeling of luxury, despite its simplicity, and can transform any outfit into a masterpiece of elegance. Shop this scarf


Geometry Fun Purse: This Sri Lankan artisan designed purse is perfect for a daytime or an evening outing. Carry it cross body or sling it around your shoulder this pretty accessory is a sure show stopper! Buy the purse


Featured Brands: Western Modesty, Kinza, Darya Accessories

Yuuka - $142

Yuuka Blouse: The Yuuka is a blouse with a dramatic sleeve and seams on the shoulders to enhance the effect. Shop Now

$88 for a limited time (was $148)

Najah Chiffon Palazzos: Made with soft georgette material the Najah palazzos are perfect for any occasion. These high waisted pants are versatile, elegant and an essential modest piece for the season. Pair with a sweater and boots for a cozy warm look, or an elegant top and stilettos for a night out. Shop Now


Burgundy Scarf: Soft lovely scarf in a deep beautiful maroon color. A great option for work or casual wear. Easy to wear and looks elegant! Shop Now


Featured Brands: Project 6, Covered Bliss, Asfurah

Comfort - $153

Terry Knit Hoodie: Oversized long sleeve terry knit hoodie tunic dress. Perfect for lounging around, running errands or hitting the gym! Shop Sienna or Off White


Meshed Up Modest Wrap Joggers: Workout or lounge around, you want to get your hands on these comfy joggers. Shop now


Aparellel Jersey Scarf: Comfort and functionality are the focal point in every scarf Aparellel creates. Shop jersey scarves

Starting at $19.99

Featured Brands: Michaela Corning, Mumine Activewear, Aparellel

All About Sage - $164.99

Lovely Sage Dress: Elegant and feminine from the top to the bottom, this light olive-green maxi dress is a timeless beauty. The front features a ruffled accent that runs the full length of the dress, offset to the right for a stylish touch. The long sleeves each end in a double-ruffled French cuff-inspired design. An elastic gathered waist keeps this modest dress looking tidy, and a hidden zipper up the back ensures a perfect fit. Shop the dress


Nude Silk Scarf: This simplistic nude chiffon scarf is ravishing and stylish when paired with black. Its soft tone not only adds a feeling of grace but also has the potential to pull off a sophisticated urban chic look. Shop the scarf


Rosette Pendant: The pendant is hand-constructed of two overlaying forms meticulously bent and soldered together and hangs on an 18-inch chain. The pendant itself is 1” by 1”. Shop the pendant


Featured Brands: Western Modesty, Kinza, Ayesha Safa Jewelry

Chartreuse - $164.99 

Chartreuse Dress: This chic midi dress features a round neck and a cinched wrap belt detailing. An easy way to make it your own, a simple and elegant look for an everyday outfit. Shop the dress


Lacy Fatigue Scarf: This silk chiffon scarf is in a brilliant modern lace fatigue print. Its lacy look adds a feminine touch to the traditional masculine fatigue look. It offers a refreshing urban feel to your outfit! Shop now


Matte Luxe Tiger Lilly Lipstick: This supremely cushiony long lasting matte formula imparts luxurious color in one stroke. Infused with Shea Butter and Vitamin E. Shop now


Cream Satin Capsule: Made with a luxurious cream satin fabric this beautiful clutch is ready to go places! Made out of gold plated frame and chain, with a rectangular clasp, this piece is perfect for any holiday, cocktail or an evening or day outing. Shop the clutch


Featured Brands: Colettaa, Kinza, Massarat Makeup, Darya Accessories

Lama - $170.98

Lama Dress: Look elegant and sophisticated with the new Lama Dress featuring a soft crepe material, trendy ruffled long sleeves and a fabric belt. This dress is available in black and blush base colors with an ivory floral pattern. Shop the dress

$69 (on sale)

Feathery Dove Scarf: Feathery Dove is absolutely graceful & elegant when wrapped around your favorite outfit. Suitable for a wedding ceremony, birthday party, evening party, any event or occasion! Use it anytime, anywhere and enjoy being outdoors without worrying about the weather. Grab the scarf


Black Satin Purse: This black beauty is made out of beautiful satin fabric. Created in a pillow shape, it's easy to carry this clutch with your essentials inside. Carry it cross-body or sling style you can accessorize it for a cocktail or for an evening party! Check out the purse


Featured Brands: Covered Bliss, Darya Accessories

OOTD - $174.99

Kiku Pants: Get your hands on these designer made flat front tab pants. These are on 75% off for a limited time only. Shop Now

$18 (was $88)

Ranya Abaya/Cardigan: Ranya Abaya is ideal to pair with any outfit as a maxi dress cardigan to create an elegant and modest look. This fancy abaya will work as a formal look for an evening event. Shop Now


Nude Shimmer Scarf: This elegant silk scarf features silver metallic threads running lengthwise on a dusty nude base. It's a great option for weddings and completes many formal outfits for a flawless, magical finish! Shop Now


Awestruck Eyeshadow Set: All five metallic foil eyeshadows unlike any other, infused with jojoba oil. These shadows come in fun names Dubai, Valencia, Jaipur, and more. Find out more about them here

$76.99 (was $110)

Featured Brands: Project 6, Covered Bliss, Kinza, Sahi Cosmetics